We specialise in emergency communication systems.

GEC Communications is an Australian owned and operated industry leader

Our Services
Solutions: Effortless and Cost Effective

Our most popular solution is subscription based and offers the highest level of reliability for your building at a reasonable cost. We are a single point, remote monitored solution. There is no need to renew a contract, upgrade the system or notify us of a fault. All the hard work is done for you.

We provide all our clients with the ability to build a custom solution, ensuring a lifelong telecommunication system for your building.

Our Services
Lift NBN Migration

Our migration services have been developed by senior elevator specialists from the industry for use in all types, models and brands of elevator equipment throughout Australia. The service we provide is based on subscription model.

Our Services
Remote Monitoring
  • An essential component of the subscription service offered by GEC.
  • We determine the phone line, faults, equipment status and routinely carry out function tests to ensure the equipment is always operational.
  • We detect any type of fault and will dispatch a technician to resolve the issue.
  • GEC is the only service provider in Australia to offer this level of service with no additional charges guaranteed for the life of the subscription.
Subscription Inclusions

  • Guaranteed no additional costs*
  • Equipment replacement cover against loss, and damage*
  • All inbound and outbound calls, data, and messaging.
  • Lifetime equipment warranty.
  • No cost service and maintenance.
  • Battery maintenance and replacement.
  • Signal strength monitoring and improvement.
  • Equipment upgrades due to redundancy.
  • Connection management and remote monitoring

GEC Technicians

All GEC service providers are qualified elevator technicians, licensed electrical contractors and ACMA qualified open cablers.

GEC is a part of the Australian Elevator Association and our team are members of the Lift Engineering Society of Australia.


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